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Grydscaen Summary

In 2055 there was the Great War. The Atlantea Federation with its draconian rule had taken over 75% of the world’s territories. A group of islands and nation states came together to form the Pacific Territories, and in a single brave act retaliated against the Atlantea Federation in a battle that became known as the Blood Red Incident. The Atlantea Federation responded harshly and released the Dionysis Effect, a nuclear explosion. The aftermath of the radiation from the explosion created something called Codess which manifested as psychic powers.

The supreme ruler of the Pacific Territories, the Emperor appointed a Viceroy over the City, the Echelons and the Zone to rule the people. The Viceroy’s autocratic policies were harsh towards psychics, and using Codess power in the City became a capital offense. The Viceroy ruled with the Elite and society was segregated in the Pacific Territories to citizens and non-citizens. Only citizens could reside in the City. The Zone became known for poverty and strife, the Echelons for the red light district and crime.

A group of hackers rose up to combat the injustice and harsh treatment of the people in the Echelons and the Zone. One group, the Terror Hack used guerrilla warfare to go up against the Elite. The other group was called the Packrats, a cyber terrorist organization of psychic hackers that vowed to rise up and take back control for the populace and free society through cyber revolution. The Pacific Territories was embroiled in a civil war attempting to keep the populace in check, all the while trying to fight off the Atlantea Federation.

The son of the Viceroy, Ameliano “Lino” Dejarre had psychic power. He took a different view from the Viceroy and deviated from his father’s plan for him and joined the psychic fighting force called the Psi:Ko, an elite band of psychics under the auspices of the Psi Faction. The Psi Faction was sent against the hackers and Lino eventually was able to capture Faid Callen, the leader of the Packrats. They subjected Faid to mind control and psychic conditioning and held him captive, forcing him to work with them.

Riuho Dejarre, the banished son of the Viceroy was captured by the Psi Faction and experimented on because he had psychic power. After being subjected to cruel treatment, he escaped with Faid and they went back to the Packrats, engaging in a crusade to take down the Psi Faction and go after Lino.

As the civil war raged in the Echelons and the Zone, the Atlantea Federation started to re-exert its power around the globe. The Pacific Territories was drawn into a larger battle for world domination. The war escalated and roped in other nations. Some, like Shion, a pacifist country, petitioned the Pacific Territories for protection after being attacked by the Atlantea Federation. The war was brought to the doorstep of the City when the Atlantea Federation sent an invasion force and then turned around and attacked the homeland of the Pacific Territories, the Jannassee Islands.

But the Atlantea Federation was not satisfied at just conquering the surface, they also exerted their power in space over the colonies, taking over resource satellites and attacking the Pacific Territories’ interests in space. The International Federation Organization, a trade alliance between the colonies and the planet were drawn into the fight.

The strategy of the Atlantea Federation was to attack on all fronts and try to destabilize the fragile power structure of the Pacific Territories. If they could get the Viceroy and the Emperor they could destroy the Pacific Territories outright.

The power structure of the Pacific Territories would have to change to counter this threat. Enemies became allies and affiliations changed sides. The Pacific Territories brokered relationships from many factions trying to gain a stronghold on land and in space. All the while, protecting the Viceroy and the royal family from assassination attempts and political power struggles.

Intrigue, psychic powers, clandestine operations, treaties, politics and a hacker revolution, the grydscaen saga is filled with something for everyone. From space battles with beam cannons, kidnapping and assassinations, to battleships off the coast of the Jannassee Islands, grydscaen is filled with in depth characters and richly detailed storylines that peak your interest and keep you coming back for more.

With 8 scifi novels published in the grydscaen series and the cyberpunk detective thriller the seal maker, we look forward to bringing you grydscaen: desecration in 2018 which continues the story on the battleship Escalon. With the battle for superiority raging between the Atlantea Federation and the Pacific Territories, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Find out the fate of the newly crowned leader of the Pacific Territories as the fleet takes the battle to the Atlantea Federation homeland and the Trance Channeler Isk does the unthinkable. Can the Psi Faction team survive? There is much more in store in grydscaen. Whose side are you on?