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Available Now! Epic Fantasy from Natsuya Uesugi

A new Dark Fantasy tale, Book 1 – The Seer of Grace and Fire


With the solemn remembrance of DarkFall looming, the anniversary when all the male newborns were killed seventeen years ago, a human cleric feverishly translates an elven legend into the language of the faeries. Tasked with bringing the work to King Ailon at Kannon, the faerie capital of Itheria, the cleric scribes day and night trying to meet the deadline. The dark faerie queen, the Valkyris, is raising an army to invade Kannon at DarkFall. Dalannin, the Valkyris’ dark mage conjures demons using forbidden elven magic to ensure the Valkyris’ victory.

A seventeen year old ranger, Timorn, travelling the human towns in Ekhrine, happens upon a mysterious elven female who persuades him to take her to Kannon. When one of Timorn’s prized daggers is stolen, he finds himself partnered with the elf and a precocious thief on their journey to Kannon.

A fortnight before DarkFall, the royal daughter of King Ailon, Ethesian, begins to have prophetic dreams revealing a young ranger. When a lie is revealed, Ethesian is tasked to study a dangerous magic in the days before DarkFall, all the while hiding her true self as only males can study this ancient craft.

Will Timorn arrive at Kannon before the Valkyris? Will Ethesian master a magic she should not possess? Secrets and lies, dark magic and prophesy. All will be revealed in the first book of the new dark fantasy trilogy The Seer of Grace and Fire.

The Seer of Grace and Fire available in hardcover, paperback and ebook at all major retailers.

New Release: a cyberpunk detective thriller! grydscaen: the seal maker

No one is safe. Five teenagers with barcodes on their forehead found murdered in back alleys in the Echelons. Talk of a deadly pathogen being sold by a terrorist on the dark web. A Zone Police officer investigating a one million credit heist done by an illicit bio hacker who goes by the name Juicy but nothing concrete to connect the culprit. Can Jaiden Pierce, a cyber security jet jockey connect the clues and solve the case before there is another terrorist attack on the subway? Find out in the tech noir detective thriller, grydscaen: the seal maker available in ebook and paperback.